July 10, 2011

The Singapore Wildlife

Me and my two friends woke up around 6am, we’re all excited for our first itinerary for the day – the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. Right after we took our western-style breakfast, we immediately wasted no time and prepare for our ultimate safari and zoo experience!

With our speedy taxi, we headed to the Singapore Zoo in Mandai Lake Road. It’s quite far, taking almost 20 – 30 minutes of taxi ride, total of about S$30 (or nearly Php1,050 – can you imagine how expensive is that?). When we get into the location, we immediately purchased our ticket for the Zoo and the Safari (I know that they have a promo ticket for Singapore Zoo and Night Safari) this costs around S$42 (or nearly Php1,470). We spent around six hours inside the zoo, they have two KFC restaurant too! We’ve got to see interesting wildlife animals – like the Rhinos, big snakes, the famous white tiger, a Jaguar and the Orang Utans!
Since the Night Safari tour starts at around 7pm, we’ve decided to go back to the Hotel and have some rest, and take a quick dinner.

Few minutes before 7pm, we headed back to Mandai Lake Road and get into the Night Safari adventure! This time, we’re on the Tram as the tour guide take us into the so-called rainforest! They’ve got amazing animals like the Hyenas, the tigers and some other more, but, this part of the trip made me sooo sleepy! Maybe because the tour guide speaks so soft and the tram moves so slow, add up the cool breeze in the rainforest and that would make you sleepy.
Right after the tram ride, I asked my buddies if they want to go back to the hotel and grab some food and take a rest, they said yes, maybe they’re sleepy as well. 

When we get back into the hotel, we ordered some steak and rice, took a quick bite, and then found ourselves snoring to end our first day in this awesome country. Well, according to our schedule, we really have to sleep at around 10pm, because Universal Studios will mark the beginning of our Day 2.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It was indeed an exciting and memorable trip for you. Among the huge array of animals that you've mentioned I think the most popular one is the orang utans. And by the way, I love your picture with that oranges primates, a little confusion though ( which is which?) I almost forgot it was You (joke).

Third said...

Hahaha!! You bet! Singapore Zoo is the best Zoo I've seen. I appreciate how the Singapore Government takes care of them. Maybe this could also be an eye-opener for us not just to treat the (wildlife) animals fairly but to take good care of our environment as well..