April 10, 2011

Experience: Macau

The whole world is celebrating the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) when we get to Macau last February, 2010. Hailed as the Las Vegas of Asia, I myself was surprised when our Cebu Pacific plane landed in their reclaimed Airport! Dancing Lights, High-Rise buildings, Casinos, people all dressed-up with their coats and jackets on, and a super cold temperature of 6C – this is the coldest temperature I’ve ever experienced!
I knew, even before we booked the flight, that February is the coldest month in Macau as this marks the end of the Winter season. Though there’s no snow in Macau, you can still feel the cold temperature going through your body accompanied by the terrible wind coming from the mainland China – that duo can literally shake your bones like crazy!
I remember during our first night, I have to wear 2 shirts and 2 North Face jackets just to outwit the temperature outside! I am so amazed seeing people in their Bonets, Mittens and coats, walking very fast in the streets! This made me realize that I am indeed in a foreign country!
We spent our 4-days Macau vacation in a Hostel named Augusters Lodge, paying around Php400/night for a very comfortable bed complete with comforters and sets of pillows, my only reservation with them is that, their water heater is not working! I cannot go on and take a shower with a super cold water! What I did was, I asked one of the Hostel staff to boil 4 Liters of water for me because their heater is not working, gladly she understand what I’ve  did.

There’s a lot of must-try foods in Macau, especially those Portuguese foods! Well, Macau was a Portuguese colony and both the first and last European colony in China, so expect some European and Chinese cuisine everywhere! The only challenge is that, less than 3% of the total population can speak English, so most of the times we’re using sign language just to communicate with them.

Most memorable landmark for me, I have to say that it’s the Senado Square – it’s like a big plaza that has lots of shopping centers! Then there’s the historic Ruins of St. Paul, and the famous Macau Tower! We also went to the Fisherman’s Wharf and to the “Venice of Asia” – The Venetian Hotel in Macao!

Truly, our trip to Macau is one of the best and the most meaningful travel I’ve ever had. Will I go back here? Of course Yes!

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Eugene said...

The last time we went there was last october and it was super hot! I want to try the winter weather!